The Alegre Group is actively recruiting team members. The group is in the process of launching a variety of projects in organic synthesis and catalysis and is looking for researchers to lead them. If you have a background in computational and/or experimental mechanistic studies, or cheminformatics, please see the Working with Us tab for information about funding, scholarships and starting collaborations.

PhD Students

David Dalmau Ginesta

David was born in Aragon, a northern region of Spain. He completed his BS in Chemistry and MS in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis at the University of Zaragoza. Currently, he is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Esteban P. Urriolabeitia and Dr. Juan V. Alegre Requena and he is focused on the development of new aminoacid-based luminescent compounds. His first experience with computational chemistry was at the Theoretical Chemistry Group, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), under the supervision of Dr. Jon M. Matxain. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking in his beloved Pyrenees, and travelling to new places.

Undergraduate Students

Rafael Luna Madrid

Rafa was born in Cordoba, a city in the Andalusia region of southern Spain. He earned his BS in Chemistry at the University of Jaen and is currently pursuing a MS in industrial chemistry at the University of Zaragoza. He is also working on research, which focuses on combining computational and experimental chemistry to develop reactions of industrial interest. Rafa is passionate about science, especially chemistry, and in his free time, he enjoys reading and watching various sports.

Gonzalo Garcés Selvi

Gonzalo was born in Teruel, Spain. He is a fourth-year student enrolled in the BS in Chemistry of the University of Zaragoza. He is doing undergrad research in the Alegre group focusing on copper catalysis in tumoral environments. In his spare time, he likes playing computer games, playing football, and running.